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H. Březinová – D. Kohout a kol.: Středověké textilní a barvířské technologie. Soubor textilních fragmentů z odpadních vrstev z Nového Města pražského. Medieval textile and dyeing technologies. Collection of textile fragments from refuse layers of Prague’s New Town

The monograph, which is divided into a total of 14 chapters, include a detailed evaluation of the assemblage of medieval textiles, based on the latest knowledge on medieval textiles and the craft of dyeing. Also forming part of the publication is a well-illustrated section documenting all important items described in the text, as well as a tabled catalogue of all 1593 processed textile fragments. All data acquired thus far from the textile technological study, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, spectrophotometry, X-ray fluorescence, radiocarbon dating, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry are included in the individual chapters aimed successively at woollen and silk textiles and plant fibres, and at textile manufacture processes and the craft of dyeing. Photography and description of all tailoring details were concluded, which were given much attention in the monograph.

More information: HERE

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