Early Aeneolithic causewayed enclosures in Bohemia. Trubín, Beroun district
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Miroslav Dobeš, Ph.D.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
CAS, Regional cooperation
• Keywords:
Early Aeneolithic - Jordanow culture - ditch enclosures - scientific dating

The project is executed in close cooperation with the Institute for Preservation of Archaeological Heritage of Central Bohemia (D. Stolz). It focuses on evaluation and presentation of archaeological evidence that has been obtained in the course of rescue archaeological fieldwork of the above-mentioned institution conducted on the site of Trubín, Beroun district. Among other things, an Early Aeneolithic causewayed enclosure was detected there (an oval with dimensions of about 100-150 m, approx. 4000 BCE), which belong among probably ten known and reliably dated features of this type in the Czech Republic. The phenomenon of extensive enclosures of this type is mainly characteristic for areas to the west of our borders (Erdwerke, causewayed enclosures); in this context, Bohemia forms the eastern periphery of this phenomenon. As far as current Bohemian Early Aeneolithic enclosures are concerned, the site Trubín represents an ideal example for final evaluation of this phenomenon, related analyses and various forms of presentation. This is caused by several reasons: it was archaeologically investigated and sufficient number of sources were obtained; geophysical survey, which significantly complemented our ideas regarding the original form of the enclosure, had been already conducted. The aim of the project is a throughout standard archaeological publication of research results and related analyses as well as their presentation in the form of posters on a scientific conference (Current issues of Neolithic and Eneolithic research in the Czech Republic), and on occasional events conducted by both participating institutions (e.g. on the annual Day of Archaeology).

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