Celtic oppida and other strongholds – intercultural comparison
• (Principal) Investigator:
Doc. PhDr. Vladimír Salač, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
LaTene period - Early Middle Ages - oppidum - stronghold - aerial analysis

In the research of Celtic settlements and the associated economic and social systems, a number of unresolved issues have remained. Setting of the oppida in wider chronological and spatial context may significantly facilitate their clarification. The project, therefore, aims to evaluate the oppida in the context of previous (6th-5th cent. BCE) as well as following (Early Middle Ages) periods in the Czech Basin and to set the obtained pieces of knowledge in a broader European context. Although the current state of knowledge regarding the oppida and late Hallstatt and Early Medieval strongholds in Bohemia and Europe as well offers very good conditions for such comparisons, they have not yet been conducted. The necessary archaeological and geographical data, and advanced applications of geographic information systems are already available.
The proposed approach that focuses on strongholds and social systems in a broad context promises to obtain new general knowledge that enriches the archaeology of later Prehistory and early historical periods on a European level. It is a pilot project within the framework of basic archaeological research.

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