North-western Bohemia in Early Aeneolithic (38th-34th cen. B.C.)
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PhDr. Milan Zápotocký, CSc.
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Bohemia - Early Aeneothic - Bell-keaker culture - settlement structure - Chrpnology

The Early Eneolithic (38th -34th centuries b.c.) is the era of the Funnel Beaker Culture in Bohemia. It is one of the local groups of a widespread cultural complex, whose focus is the area of the Great Northern European Lowlands. This period is characterized by a change in settlement structure, whose basic element now becomes smaller scattered settlements or individual farmhouses. There are also clear signs for the growing stratification of society, indicating the existence of a stratum of armed men and chieftains (enclosed and highland settlements, tumuli, battle axes). The main task of the project is the complex processing and publication of the Early Eneolithic settlements of North-West Bohemia (around 90 sites). This is the third Funnel Beaker Culture settlement area in the country besides Central and Eastern Bohemia.The second task, following on from the previous one, is the study of the funerary rites of the Czech group of this culture (the question of the existence and frequency of the tumuli).The aim is the completion of two works aimed at Early Eneolithic questions: (a) North-West Bohemia in the Early Eneolithic: a register, documentation and analysis of the finds assemblages and the development of settlement structure; (b) Tumuli in the funerary rites of the Czech group of the Funnel Beaker Culture: evidence of the practices of tumulus rites from North-West and Central Bohemia.

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