Building Structures, Activity Areas and the Site Layouts of the Late Neolithic Settlement Areas (5000/4900 – 4500/4400 BC)
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Jaroslav Řídký, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
Late Neolithic Period – Stroked Pottery Culture – settlement areas – building structures – workshops – artefacts – spatial distribution

The study will focus primarily on the Neolithic settlement areas from the Stroked Pottery culture (STK; approx. 5000 BC – 4400 cal BC) uncovered during large scale excavations. Spatial distribution of the settlement area, including longhouses, storage features, production features and features with presumed socio-ritual function, and localisation of areas of different activities may indicate the structure (social, gender, etc.) of Neolithic society. The anticipated result of the project is obtaining understanding of the variations between the structures of the Neolithic settlements and also understanding their original form, function, maintenance methods and their cessation. The answers to these questions and subsequent study of the mutual spatial and chronological relations between buildings and other activity areas at different types of settlements (with rondels and without rondels) will lead us to interpretative models of the social structure of the settlements.

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