The Prehistory of Bohemia compendium has been released

The Prehistory of Bohemia in 7 volumes has been released.

more information about the compendium

The Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague is issuing a 7-volume compendium on the prehistory of Bohemia, which presents the current state of research and includes an overview of sources, questions, and interpretations of data. The series offers a systematic outline of the separate periods – from the Palaeolithic to the Migration Period in Bohemia. The volumes are formally consistent in structure , but the theoretical points of departure, methodological approaches and emphasis on specific subjects reflect the views of the individual editors and teams of authors. In terms of the proportion between the quantity of information and the extent of the territory investigated, the series represents one of the most detailed overviews of prehistory devoted to a particular region. The publication is intended for researchers and students who need basic information on the prehistory of Bohemia, along with detailed documentation and references.

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