Mediaeval population in the Centre and Country. Archaeology, Bioarchaeology and Genetics of cemeteries of Prague Castle, central and eastern Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Frolík Jan CSc.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
Excelency centres GA CR
• Keywords:
cemeteries - bioarchaeology - genetics - Middle Ages

The project deals with population inhabiting during Middle Ages Prague Castle and its immediate hinterland and population in rural areas of eastern and central Bohemia. The starting pint will be archaeologically investigated burial grounds. The analysis will combine archaeological methods (chronology, social stratification), methods of bioarchaeology (demographic characteristic, physical activities, nutrition, biological kinship, geographic origin) and methods of archeogenetics (familiar relationship between skeletal remains, geographic origin). The analysis will identify the basic characteristics of the population living in the Middle Ages at Prague Castle, with an expected high proportion of the non-domestic origin and with higher proportion of people with high social status. The mainly local origin of buried will be confirmed in rural cemeteries.

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