Medieval textile and dyeing technologies – archeometry of textile finds
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PhDr. Helena Březinová, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
archeometry - textile - production - fibres - Middle Ages - natural organic dyes - LC-MS - XRF

Archaeological textile finds represent a unique source for learning about a common component of material culture used on a daily basis in the past. The remarkable state of preservation of 1,300 medieval textile fragments from the center of Prague provides a opportunity to use analytical methods to study textile products and the technological procedures of dyeing and cloth making. The project will involve the documentation and technological study of all the textiles, including the morphology of fibres and the analytical identification of the mordants and natural dyes that were used. This will be followed by a description of individual procedures and techniques for making textiles, a characterisation of domestic production and imported goods and a study of the original colour of the textiles and the dyeing technology. The textile fragments will be studied using optical and electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis and the micro-extraction of dyes followed by the separation by liquid chromotography and detection with mass spectrometry.

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