• Author:
Pavlů, Ivan (ed.)
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
177 p., pics and tabs
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English summary

This volume summarizes the results of investigations conducted both in terms of the Bylany programme and subsequent projects related to the Kutná Hora region.

1. Research related to the Bylany site (L. Jiráň: Finds from the Urnfield period in the Neolitic settlement site at Bylany; I. Pavlů: The Neolithic settlement in the Bylany 2 micro-area; P. Květina: The possibilities of a micro-spatial analysis of artefacts in archaeological features; M. Zápotocká: A surface survey and excavations of the Bylany 5 micro-area),
2. The results of the archaeological prospection in the river Doubrava flood plain (I. Pavlů),
3. Natural science investigations in the river Doubrava flood plain (V. Beneš: radar survey; M. Karous and R. Křivánek: geophysical survey; J. Kadlec and M. Chadima: sedimentological investigation, mineralogical studies, geological survey),
4. Regional matters (M. Kalandřík: Environment of the Neolithic and Eneolithic settlements in eastern Bohemia; J. Valentová, R. Šumberová: The settlement of the river Klejnárka valley in the Roman time).

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