Castrum Pragense 6

This volume contains eight contributions concerning the Prague castle. The opening paper is a yet unpublished report on the history of archaeological excavations of the Prague castle by I. Borkovský. The following two articles deal with the wall paintings of the St. George basilica (Z. Všetečková) and of the St. Wenceslas chapel in the St. Vitus cathedral (M. Bartlová). J. Frolík and V. Siglová summarize the findings and preservation of the liturgical equipment, D. Foltýn and J. Maříková deal with the St. Thomas chapel during the Romanesque period of the St. Vitus cathedral. The volume also contains a preliminary report on the investigation of the Royal tomb (J. Maříková et al.), a review of the excavations in the „Prašný most“ area (G. Blažková-Dubská) and mortar analysis of the Virgin Mary church (A. Zeman et al.).

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