• Author:
M. Dobeš – P. Limburský a kol. (Ž. Brnić – J. Likovský – M. Popelka – R. Kyselý – J. Hlaváč)
978-80-87365- 65-6
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR, Praha, v.v.i.
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
192 p., pics
• Language:
Czech, German

The presented monograph deals mainly with evaluation of grave finds dating to the dawn of Early Aeneolithic period (approximately 3800 BC) and the Corded Ware Culture (approximately 2800–2500 BC) that were unearthed during rescue field works conducted on the multicultural site of Vliněves near Mělník (district Mělník) in the years 1999–2008. Introductory chapters describe not only natural environment of the site and its research history but also current state of knowledge of the Late Aeneolithic period material from the region of Mělník. Detailed description of archaeological contexts including two graves of the Funnel Beaker Culture and 75 graves of the Corded Ware Culture as well as individual finds forms the presented book’s core. Descriptions are supplemented with appropriate illustrations, basic evaluations of contexts and finds, their spatial distribution and chronology. The monograph also comprises analyses of anthropological, osteological and conchological material. Considerations regarding spatial relations between contemporary settlements and burial grounds are based on the evidence of Corded Ware settlement pottery sherds frequently found in features of later dating. A series of 16 new radiocarbon dates for the Czech Late Aeneolithic period is also included in this book.

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