Celtic coin production in Bohemia in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC and its relationship to the oppida period
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Jiří Militký, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
numismatics - central places - 3.-2.cent. BC - oppida - prospection

The beginnings of Celtic coin production in Bohemia and Moravia represent one of the fundamental issues for analyses of La Tène society in 3rd-2nd cent. BC. Greek influence in this period appeared in the introduction of the coin production and its integration into society. In order to understand all the aspects of such phenomenon we necessarily need to enhance our knowledge of the matter. Together with documentation of the existing material in the public collections, it is necessary to pay attention to the new finds. Systematic terrain prospection of the selected sites will be thus performed. A database of archaeological finds will be created covering objects from the prospection and registered in other collections. Creation of the new catalogue of the Celtic coins from Bohemian – Moravian territory, typology of coins of the so-called “neben reihen” (which will become a fundamental numismatic manual for the following years) – these are the main goals of the project. The most important aim is to generally broaden international knowledge base about the Celtic coins from Czech Republic

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