Genetic imprints of food-production systems in human populations
• (Principal) Investigator:
doc. Mgr. Viktor Černý, Dr.
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• Keywords:
Genetic - diversity - agriculture - pastoralism

Agriculture originated in the Levant where both plants and animals were domesticated ~ 10 ka. However, out of this region it has taken very different shapes. While in Africa (and possibly also in southern Arabia) domestic cattle was used only for the milking, central European Neolithic is characterised rather by the cereal cultivation and breeding of animals for the meat. This project wants to verify whether, and to what extend, the archaeologically documented differences in the subsistence pattern are reflected in human genetic structure of the populations living today in the above mentioned regions. We want to analyse population dynamics of Eurasian uniparental haplotypes in Africa and compare it with introduction of domestic animals into the region. We plan to carry out also analyses of flanking regions of the lactase persistence gene in scope of selection intensity estimation. Differences in genetic variability of arylamine N-acetyltransferase 2 between nomadic pastoralists and sedentary farmers are going to be determined in parallel.

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