Individual and Community. An insight into hierarchy of the Early Bronze Age society on the basis of burial ranges
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Petr Limburský Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
Early Bronze Age, Únětice culture, burial range, social hierarchy

The largest known range of the Únetice culture has been unearthed in recent years at Vlíneves, Melník district. This range
comprises of several contemporaneous burial-grounds with more than 350 graves. Burials arranged in groups are more
numerous there than on the other known Únetice sites; this situation for the first time allows distinguishing of regionallyconditioned
components of burial customs and markers of different social position on the basis of a single range study. Already
published burial-grounds as well as so-far unpublished finds will be also used for answering the issue of social stratification of
an Early Bronze Age community. In formulating the conclusions, the focus will be placed on using 14C dating of the so far
neglected graves lacking any equipment. The project’s target is to interpret, define model situations of intra-community
relations, collect material contexts in catalogue form for further studies and, thus, to create a stratification conception of the
Early Bronze Age society based on comparative studies. Results will be summarized in the final monograph.
Recapitulate the current knowledge and formulate an conception of the Early Bronze Age social hierarchy, on the basis of a
comparative study of unique contexts of burial range in Vlínevsi and other sites.Summarize conclusions and reference data in a
monograph to enable further studies in this issue.

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