Pre-Neolithic Settlement in South Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
Doc. PhDr. Slavomil Vencl, DrSc.
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• Keywords:
Prehistory, flint industry, South Bohemia, Paleolithic, Mesolithic

The aim of the project is a monograph study of the pre-Neolithic settlement of South Bohemia. The theme comprises important interregional aspects, as the settlement-geographical and cultural features as well as the raw materials used largely exceed the territory of Bohemia. The assessment of archaeological sources inevitably has to be focused on the chipped artifacts, because of the unfavourable natural conditions in the study region (the acidity of soils does not create suitable environment for the preservation of organic materials, and the strong Quaternary erosion in the region reduces the possibility of stratigraphical analysis). A significant contribution is expected from the petrographical determination of lithic raw materials, which will be conducted by A. Přichystal.

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