Velké Přítočno – a Lower Palaeolithic Settlement in Central Bohemia
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.
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• Keywords:
Prehistory, settlement range, Bohemia, Paleolithic

The project is oriented towards the complex processing of the results of the archaeological rescue excavations conducted at the Lower Palaeolithic site at Velké Přítočno, Kladno district. The site is given particular interest by the fine, chipped-stone industry, and its geomorphological position, relatively high on an otherwise flat terrain, quite distant from any large water courses. Archaeological finds are formed of a defined structure, and all were brought to the site, either from close by or from further afield.

The project comprises several parts. The archaeological part is devoted to the typo-morphological evaluation of the chipped stone industry (c. 4 000 pieces) and its spatial distribution within the settlement framework. The geological part is given over to the petrographic identification of the raw (stone) materials used by people of the time in the production of tools, the geological structure of the excavated site, and the classification of newly-discovered sites within the framework of the development of the Quaternary environment. The mathematical part is concentrate on the statistical evaluation of the data, and the evaluation of the local settlement-geographical situation of the site.

The outputs of the project will be a complex finds report including a database of the chipped stone industry, and studies published in the professional press.

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