The Chapter Temple of St. Peter and St. Paul at Vyšehrad Castle. Archeological Research
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PhDr. Bořivoj Nechvátal, CSc.
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Basilica - Přemysl state - Romanesque period - baptisterium - liturgical practice - Gothic - anthrolopological analysis - oesteological analysis - non-destructive analysis

The Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic executes the research of the NKP Vyšehrad (1966). One of the main targets was the research of the Chapter Temple, the second most importatnt basilica of the Czech state. The gr ound plan of the temple was excavated in the cemetery field (1968-1991). Two Romanesque periods of the edifice were investigated, the first one from the foundation time (cca 1070) by the first Czech King Vratislav II., the second one before 1129. The measure 53×17 m. An early medieval sarcofag was found in the south nave. Then follow two buildings in the Gothic style (beginning of the 14th C. and after 1369). The biggest church complex in the pre-husite Prague in the end of the 14th C. was 110 m long. An antropolog. (P. Stránská), osteolog. (R. Kyselý) and physical analysis (L. Hrdlička) were executed. The target of this project is to prepare a comprehensive publication of the results of the many years long research.

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