The Cultural Landscape of Prácheňsko
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PhDr. Dagmar Dreslerová
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Prehistory - cultural landscape - Bohemia

The selected landscape – the northern Prachensko region of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic – fosters a typical, hilly, wooded agricultural mosaic lying 400-600m above sea level. To the east and south the region is bordered by the rivers Vltava (Moldau) and Otava, to the north by the Brdy range, and to west by the Plana plains.

The main aim of the project is to gain an understanding of the evolution of a specific type of cultural landscape from prehistoric to recent times, and, if possible, of the social transformation associated with it.

The project will discern the fundamental factors, structures and changes in the settlement of one specific landscape type, namely the northern Prachensko region. It will also elucidate the position of similar types of natural environment in bands between fertile lowlands and uplands in prehistoric, Medieval and Early Modern development. The present, somewhat biades picture of prehistoric settlement is the result of several independent factors, including the limited archaeological investigation of the area, and the diverse and archaeologically less visible manifestations of prehistoric cultures based on differing economic systems or different natural conditions, which make the recovery of archaeological findings more difficult. This region of incontestable natural appeal is at present most threatened by thoughtless interventions on the part of its inhabitants, who in the course of fifty years under a Communist political regime lost both ownership of the land and a feeling of responsibility towards the landscape and environment surrounding them.

Presentation of the project

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