Everyday life of inhabitants of the Prague Castle in times of the first Habsburgs. Material culture analysis set into Central European context
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Gabriela Blažková, PhD.
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• Keywords:
Post-Medieval archaeology - Prague Castle - every-day life

The project’s concept has derived from increasing interest in Post-medieval archaeology across the Europe. So far, only limited number of studies has been published in the Czech Republic, and they have mostly been published in regional periodicals. Moreover, these studies do not provide a comprehensive view on the character of the Czech Early Modern Age material culture. This project focuses on publishing several collections of the Post-medieval material culture deriving from the Prague Castle, and on defining major development trends of the Bohemian ceramic and glass production. Another aim is to set the local production into broader Central European context. Archaeological approaches will be supplemented with natural scientific analyses of glazes accenting also the comparisons of chemical and mineralogical compositions between the local and foreign production. New archive sources research will furthermore contribute to the integration of archaeological pieces of knowledge into broader concepts of historical development of the Prague Castle.

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