Burial group in Prague Castles Lumbe Garden: analysis of jewellery and grave goods relating to the beginnings of Prague Castle
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Jan Frolík, CSc.
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• Keywords:
Archaeology – Middle Ages – Prague Castle – Cemetery – Jewellery

The burial group in Lumbe Garden at Prague Castle constitutes 141 graves and chronologically covers period from the end of 9th century to the 1st quarter of 11th century. It is preliminary interpreted as a burial group of the state elite linked to the princerly environment of the early Czech state. It is illustrated by the graves abundant with gold, and gilt and silver jewellery. The jewellery is partly of Great Moravian origin and partly shows signs of a Frankish environment. The development to the Post-Great Moravian techniques is recorded, too. The complete analysis will made, especially material analysis, studies of the ancient technologies and analysis of corrosion damage. Analyses of organic materials, namely remains of wood and textile on corroded products were added. The transfer of original descriptive documentation will made into form corresponding to current requirements. Such work is a follow up on the catalogue of graves and finds. The burial group will be placed into context of other contemporary cemeteries and into context of the beginnings of Prague Castle.

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