Bečov IV – a settlement area of Middle Palaeolithic Man in North-West Bohemia
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PhDr. Jan Fridrich, DrSc.
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Archaeology - Middle Palaeolithic - settlement area Late Acheulian - North-West Bohemia

This project aims to evaluate landscape use in the Middle Pleistocene (Middle Palaeolothic) period alone the banks of the palaeo-Ohře (Eger) in an area of some 1000 x 500 m. This locality, known as Bečov IV (Most district) has been known since the 1960´ s, and is the largest Acheulian site in the Czech Republic. Due to intensive recultivation, the site is threatened to a fundamental degree, and there is a very real danger that it will be lost to archaeological research. The Archaeology section of the project will include petrographic analyses of the raw materials and of the geological structures in the settlement area, a statistical analysis of the data recovered, and also a settlement-geographical evaluation of the area´s situation. The outputs of the project will include a find report, a chipped stone industry database, and studies in the proffesional press.

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