Integrate Information System of Prague Archaeological Sources
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Ivana Boháčová, Ph.D.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
MC CR, NAKI programme
• Keywords:
UNESCO monument; cultural heritage; archaeology; town; GIS; spatial analysis; prediction

The aims of the project are to 1) create the Interactive Information System of Archaeological Sources in Prague (IIS-APP) in GIS. And, by means of this tool, to facilitate 2) the efficient use of the find inventory of European importance and its utilisation for basic research, monument care, state administration, regional development, also for the presentation of heritage; 3) the efficient use of earlier information systems, the effective connection of data in current and general database systems existing both inside and outside Czech archaeology; 4) regular online updating and revision of data to accelerate the flow of information and shorten the time between the acquisition of data and its release to the professional community and the general public; 5) the regular accessibility of a broader spectrum of data and document types (spatial analyses of data, new database files, bibliographic records, full-text documents , PDF, presentations) and 6) the creation of a utilisable structured system in GIS – developed for recording, utilising and presenting specific types of archaeological sources as a special layer in the updated Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic. The IIS-APP is based on the Map of Archaeological Points in the Prague monument zone (Hrdlička 2005), which was created at the Institute of Archaeology beginning in 1975. The Map was a progressive element at its time that had numerous analogies in Western Europe. However, in its current form it is not available to the public, the system is antiquated; without graphic outputs it cannot fulfil its primary purpose. The current project aims to 1) enable its regular updating and operative use with modern technology; 2) evaluate the potential, from the perspective of data and tools, for its use to an extent unanticipated at the time of its creation; 3) expand its content to include selected areas with monument protection status and archaeological potential outside the historical centre of Prague.

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