The Archaeological Map of the CR. A system for acquisition, management and presentation
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Kuna Martin CSc., DSc.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
MC CR, NAKI programme
• Keywords:
archaeological map; sites and monuments records; data acquisition; heritage management; geographical information system; archaeological archives; digitisation

The general objective of the project is to create the Archaeological Map of the CR (AMCR), an interactive data system on the archaeological heritage of the CR. The project concerns (1) the creation of an on-line database system for data acquisition (including editing and presentation options), (2) unification of data acquisition for both of the main information systems used in the CR (Archaeological Database of Bohemia and State Archaeological Register of the CR), and (3) channelling of the information flow in Czech archaeology, mainly by the creation of relevant data models and links to the “register of interventions” (in accordance with the prepared amendment to the Monument Act) and the digital archives of excavation reports. Moreover, (4) the review and completion of a substantial part of spatial data, and (5) the presentation of the archaeological heritage of the CR to the general public in the form of two archaeological guidebooks are further goals of the project. The proposed system pays attention to the roles which are imposed by law on the Institute of Archaeology, resp. the National Heritage Institute. A joint project of these two institutions creates a unique opportunity to reduce some ineffective parts caused by the running of two separate information systems and to improve archaeological heritage management in the CR at a time when its framework is undergoing deeper legislative amendment. Thus the AMCR has the potential to become an important factor of integration in Czech archaeology. At the same time, our project is aimed at forming a large volume primarily of spatial data which could otherwise be lost relatively soon (due to the natural loss of information and/or landscape changes, etc.). Within our project, data acquisition will be carried out mainly on the territory of Bohemia, but the AMCR will be structured in a manner that is fully compatible with other systems which are used or planned for the territory of Moravia and Silesia.

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