ARCHES – Archaeological Resources in Cultural Heritage, a European Standard
• (Principal) Investigator:
PhDr. Kuna Martin CSc., DSc. (CR)
• identification number:
Grant Agr. No. 2012-1399/001
• Realization:
• Agency:
EU, Culture 2007-2013
• Keywords:
archaeological archives - standards of documentation

The central aim of ARCHES has been to produce a core standard and guide for the creation, preparation and deposition of archaeological archives, bringing together the recommendations of existing standards and guidance documents and providing standards where none currently exist as well as guidance for their implementation. The guidance addresses all areas of archaeological archives – finds, samples, environmental material, written, drawn and photographic records, and digital material – and all areas of the process from archaeological activity or intervention (whether invasive or non-invasive) to deposition. It is applicable to the compilation of new archives as well as to repositories and should, when possible, be regarded as a standard also to be applied retrospectively. The “Standard and Guide to Best Practice in Archaeological Archiving in Europe”, which was published online on 31. May 2014, also draws from existing ideas, principles, guidelines and related documents currently informing the archiving process.



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