Department: Department of Information Sources and Landscape Archaeology
Job: Head of the Department
Telephone Number: +420 257 014 379
Specialization: medieval archaeology, GIS, database systems

DG18P02OVV058 Archaeology from above. Analysis and presentation of remote sensing of Moravia and Silesia
DG16P02B039 INDIHU – development of tools and infrastructures for digital humanities
- Digitalisation and making available of the Čížek collection of plans of historical fortifications
LM2015080 Archaeological information system of the CR (AIS CR)
CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001439 Archaeological information system – second generation (AIS-2)
DF12P01OVV003 The Archaeological Map of the CR. A system for acquisition, management and presentation

Administrator of the Archaeological Map of the CR. Responsible for development of the infrastructure (applications design, testing, implementation into the practice, and popularisation). Among other topics, he is interested in the field of long term data archivation, GIS applications in archaeology, and in the landscape archaeology.

His research activities concerns archaeology of medival and post-medieval settlement, esp. research of manorial sites and their role in the landscape.

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