Archaeological 3D virtual museum. New technologies in documentation and presentation of Neolithic settlement
• (Principal) Investigator:
Mgr. Květina Petr Ph.D.
• identification number:
• Realization:
• Agency:
MC CR, NAKI project
• Keywords:
3D virtual on-line museum archaeology - Neolithic settlement - Bylany (Czech Republic) - 3D models and reconstructions - 3D optical scanning - national archaeological cultural heritage - GIS models and reconstructions

The aim of the project is to apply 3D scanning technology to create a virtual museum providing a picture of the Neolithic culture, based on the example of the settlement in Bylany near Kutná Hora. The main parameter of the applied research will be to set up a methodology for recording, hoarding and presentation of archaeological finds digitally. The basic technology will be optical 3D scanning of artifacts; its asset is the ability to capture the perfectly accurate virtual three-dimensional image of the object. On the one hand, this brings new presentation possibilities of mobile and immovable heritage, and on the other hand it multiplies the potential for their conservation in case the original is destroyed. GIS of the Bylany site and its virtual model showing different forms of immovable heritage (houses, rondels, villages) constitutes integral part of the project. Those results will be presented on the site in the form of the outdoor poster boards.

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