• Author:
Trefný, Martin - Jiráň, Luboš et al.
978-80-87365-38-0, 978-80-86924-17-5
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR, Praha, v.v.i. - Podřipské muzeum
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
145 p.
• Language:
Czech, German

This publication focuses on evaluation of excavation results of one of the most significant necropolises of the Lusatian culture at Chodouny, located in north-western Bohemia. The excavations were conducted, with longer or shorter interruptions, in the years 1958–1973 by Jiří Hrala whose death, unfortunately, prevented finishing this site’s complex evaluation. The publication consists of a catalogue of all excavated graves with depictions of relevant archaeological circumstances and significant burial equipment. In order to obtain precise chronological determination of the found graves, thorough attention is paid mainly to typological and chronological evaluation of individual artefact categories. Other aspects of the graves’ form such as construction of the burial pit, frequencies of burial equipment or various modes of the individuals’ entombment was observed as well. Moreover, other sites of the Lusatian culture located in the vicinity of the Chodouny burial ground are discussed in the book, mainly with the respect to potential connection with the site. Anthropological evaluation of the material and results of other scientific analyses are also included. As a kind of homage to Jiří Hrala the authors dedicate a chapter in the publications’ introductory part devoted to the life’s scientific career of this significant researcher.

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