• Author:
Zápotocká, Marie - Muška, Jiří
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR Praha, v.v.i.
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
296 p., 93 tabs and 82 drawn tabs
• Language:
German summary

Publication of the rescue excavation conducted by J. Muška in 1978. The site belongs to a wider polycultural residential area monitored ever since the end of the 19th century. The Neolithic settlement can be dated to the interval of the middle phase of the Linear Pottery Culture to the late phase of the Stroked Pottery Culture. Significant are features (namely the exceptionally rich granary no. 31) reflecting the existence of a transitional phase between the Linear and Stroked Pottery Cultures (phase StK I). The lithic industry was processed by P. Šída.

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