• Author:
Pleinerová, Ivana
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AVČR, Praha, v.v.i.
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
x+245 p., pics, tabs and 2 annexes
• Language:
Czech summary

The book consists of two parts. The first one deals with the settlement of Březno itself. Besides movable effects it concentrates on building features (pit houses, post hole plans, storage pits) and the settlement structure. Three areas can be distinguished in the ground plan, serving for manufacture, storage and dwelling. The basic unit of a Germanic settlement is represented by the irregular courtyard house, the so-called Haufenhof. Two units of that type were recorded in Březno. The settlement can be dated to the first half of the 6th cent. A.D., in absolute dating between 510 and 560 A.D. The second part of the book is dedicated to contemporary Germanic settlements in Bohemia. Their low number – 18 – corresponds to the situation in East Central Europe.

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