Swords of medieval Europe as a technological, archaeological, cultural and historical source
• (Principal) Investigator:
Ing. Hošek Jiří Ph.D.
• identification number:
• Realization:
2012 - 2014
• Agency:
• Keywords:
Swords - Middle Ages - archaeometallugy


The main aim of this project is the synthesis of the existing and yet to be obtained information pertaining to the medieval European swords, whose provenances are known from the contexts of archaeological excavations or scholarly collections. The synthesis, realized as a series of monographs, will present the evidence from these artefacts in order to understand the development of metal-processing technologies and the broader archaeological, cultural and historical issues. A precondition for achieving the main aim of the project will be achieving these sub-aims. First sub-aim consists in a comprehensive scientific study of medieval swords from the area of the Czech Republic, including the metallographic investigation of the representative set of swords. Second sub-aim is the creation of dedicated multi-lingual on-line database, which will collect the data on the technical, typological and morphological parameters of the swords and on the contexts of their finding. Third sub-aim is the creation of a specialized digital map in GIS, for spatial analysis of the database data.


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