• Author:
Zápotocká, Marie
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AVČR, Praha, v.v.i.
• Publishing Year:
• Pages:
255 p., 102 tabs
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This volume is divided into five chapters. Basis of the volume represents Chapter 2 ‘North-western Bohemia – Litoměřice region’, with comprehensibly presented Neolithic finds from one of the richest settlement regions in Bohemia. The Linear pottery culture and rare finds of flint industry are only generally analyzed, while the Stroked pottery and the Late Lengyel cultures are comprehensively evaluated. Part of the book presenting the archaeological evidence consists of a list of sites with their description, and documentation (charts and illustrations) of all available finds. The analytical part deals with the evaluation of state of archaeological knowledge, mutual relations between the settlements and their environment, diversified settlement structures (division into individual microregions, areas, and micro-areas), dating of the finds, and, last but not least, with the development of the Neolithic cultures in the observed region. Chapter 3 ‘Neolithic settlement regions in Bohemia’ focuses on significance and position of the Litoměřice region within the settlement structure of the entire Bohemia. Chapter 4 ‘Bohemia in the times of the Stroked pottery culture’ deals with the issues of emergence, spread, and extinction of the above-mentioned culture in Bohemia. Chapter 5 ‘Central Europe in the times of cultures with stroke-decorated pottery’ is focused on comparison of the development in Bohemia and other regions with attested Stroked pottery culture.

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