• Author:
Pavlů, Ivan
• Publisher:
Archeologický ústav AV ČR
• Publishing Year:
2009 CD reprint
• Language:
Czech resumé

The volume offers situational analysis of different kinds of movable and immovable artifacts. The world of physical facts is dustinguished from the subjective experiences as well as objective theories. The attributes for each kind of artifact are arranged according to their form, function and design or style. They create a base for formal, functional and stylistical classifications. Not only ceramics or stone implements but also houses as well as the whole settlement are considered as artifacts. Because all finds represent only a refuse from the living culture, the structures of these finds are distorted in archaeological contexts by unspecifiable destructive processes. The presented interpretation of the life on a Neolithic site has to be considered as one of the possible historical images of that period.

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6,- EUR