Hilltop Sites and Hillforts of the Middle Eneolithic in Bohemia (3400-2800 B.C.)
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PhDr. Milan Zápotocký, CSc.
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Prehistory, hillfort sites, Bohemia, Aeneolithic

The project concerns a period characterized by the occurrence of settlements, often enclosed, situated at elevated, usually strategically profitable locations in Bohemia as well as the whole of Central Europe. The relatively continuous network of these settlements is shown, first of all, in the settlement zones in the western and eastern parts of Central Bohemia. From the historical viewpoint, the period under study is significant because it precedes one of the most conspicuous disruptions in the prehistoric development, which is represented by the decline of the mosaic of local cultures of the “old Europe” (the Řivnáč and Cham Cultures in Bohemia), and the coming of Beaker Cultures (Corded Ware Culture and Bell Beaker Culture).

The goal of the project is the completion and publication of a monograph which will summarize the present knowledge including: 1) the hill-top settlements of the above mentioned period and their function in the settlement pattern, 2) the morphology and evolution of the individual categories of material culture. The results of the 1980-89 investigations at the “Dänemark” hillfort by Kutná Hora will be presented in the first part of the project, whilst the catalogue and assessment of hill-top settlements and hillforts in Bohemia will form the second part.

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