Hill Settlements of the Hallstatt and La Téne Period in Western Bohemia as a Reflexion of the Historical Development and Social Structure
• (Principal) Investigator:
Dr. Miroslav Chytráček
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• Keywords:
Prehistory - hill settlements - Bohemia

The publication should basically cover the structure and the development of the Hallstatt and Early La-Tene settlement in western Bohemia. It will lean on two investigated elevated sites in this region ( Svržno, Štítary n.R. – Hostětice ) and will be accomplished by a list of all elevated fortified and not fortified sites and their geodesic plans, an aerial photodocumentation and a sample of the finds. Important parts in the publication will be played by scientific analysis ( paleobothanical, osteological ). This way we should receive for the first time a detailed study a whole region in Bohemia. The publication of the results of the project will be important for the archaeological understanding of the observed period in the broader central European context.

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