Collected papers edited in collaboration with number of other partners at intervals of approximately 18 months. The journal was flunder in 1989 and is devoted to the investigation and analysis of Mediaeval and Postmedieaval fortified and encastelled structures, mainly castles, fortresses, fortified churches and town fortifications. To date twelve volumes have been published.

From the fourteenth volume, the journal will be published by the Department of Archaeology, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen:


Editor-in-chief:doc. PhDr. František Gabriel, Ph.D.
Technical redaction: PhDr. Zlata Gersdorfová


Editorial board:
Ing. Pavel Bolina CSc.
PhDr. Josef Hložek, Ph.D.
Ing. arch. Petr Chotěbor CSc.
Mgr. Vojtěch Kašpar
doc. Ing. PhDr. Miroslav Plaček
PhDr. Vladislav Razím
Bc. Milan Sýkora
doc. PhDr. Josef Štulc
prof. PhDr. Josef Unger, CSc

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