Responsible person: Ing. Dana Křivánková (email:; Tel. No.: + 420 257 014 410)

The Archeological database of Bohemia (further ADČ) has been created in the Department of information resources as the central database of archeological excavations and finds for Bohemia. The ADČ came into existence at the beginning of the 90s. It concentrates on the exact spatial identification of finds (1:10.000 maps are used). Currently it contains about 60 000 records. The collection is derived from different sources, mainly from information about new fieldwork projects, which the law of preservation requires organizations licensed to undertake archeological excavations to render to the Archaeological Institute. Newly acquired information is published in volumes of Excavations in Bohemia. Above all the database fulfills a controlling function. It informs about excavations and finds, fixes their location and gives brief information about their content. There were no records prior to the second half of the 80s, with the exception of some regional projects which have already been checked, and so there are duplications in the database, exact localisations are missing etc. It is possible to obtain free extracts from the database on the basis of an agreement with Archaeological Institute Prague staff but solely for specialist, non-commercial purposes. The transfer of the ADČ to the GIS system is currently in preparation.

Special software entitled ARCHIV has been written in the Archaeological Institute in Prague for manipulation of the ADČ and it is freely accessible here ( Older versions were created on the dBASE IV and V systems (see Kuna – Křivánková – Krutinová 1995); a version using the Access system will be completed in 2002. The new version contains some innovations like a list of entries of all land-register boundaries in the Czech Republic with their localisation by coordinates, the possibility to withdraw data according to geographical coordinates and an automatic transformation of the coordinates between the PIAN system and all coordinate systems in use in the Czech Republic.

It is possible to submit information for the ADČ by:

  • means of the printed form Report on an archaeological undertaking,
  • with the help of a form sent by electronic mail (see finds report archive),
  • handing over the relevant data from an independent database that has been stored using the ARCHIV system.