Responsible person: Ing. Dana Křivánková (email:; Tel. No.: + 420 257 014 410)

Digital archive represents a file of digitalized documents (primary digital data as well as digital equivalents of analog data) in the archives of the Institute. While older documents are being digitalized by members of staff of the Institute archives, newer ones are already delivered to the archive in digital form. Currently are all excavation reports, reports about fieldwork projects, negatives, and slides already digitalized (scanned), and digitalization of plans is running. Majority of the digitalized documents is open to public via an internet application Digital archive (in Czech). Basic access into the application is granted after typing access name: digiarchiv and password: digiarchiv. In this mode, only descriptive data of documents can be observed. To search in particular documents is possible only after assignment of individual password by the resposible member of the archive staff.

Computer application that enables the work with digitalized documents was created in the year 2006 by the NESS Czech company according to proposal of the Institute. To enable work with the application, an user’s guide (in Czech) was published.