Responsible person: Mgr. Libuše Haišmanová (email:; Tel. No.: + 420 257 014 334)

Excavation reports and reports about fieldwork projects and finds in Bohemia are stored in the excavation reports archive. They are stored there since the foundation of the State Archaeological Institute (1919) until today. The reports are recorded according to the territorial divisions of the cadastres (cadastral borders from 1949, land-register name according to its status in 1960).

When working with the excavation reports it is necessary to respect copyright law (consent of the report’s author or the director of the Archaeological Institute is required).

The information offered to the archive of excavation reports by the heads of archaeological excavations is included into the Archaeological database of Bohemia (ADB) and it is issued within the publication series Výzkumy v Cechách (Excavations in Bohemia).

Plans from field excavations are also deposited here. The plans can be studied within the area of the archive only after agreement of the responsible member of staff (following the circulation regulations).

The archive is open for study purposes on workdays 10-12 am and 1-3 pm.